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Clinical Trial Search Instructions

To search for a clinical trial (protocol), use the search fields at the left then click the Search button at the bottom.

To refine your search:

  • Type search criteria in any of the text fields. Skip any items that are unknown or not applicable.
  • Use the dropdown menus if you wish to limit your search by Age Group, Phase of trial or Principal Investigator (PI).

If you aren't finding enough trials:

  • Phase I clinical trials often are open to many different types of cancer. Try searching just on Phase I trials. Leave out the Disease Site.
  • Drugs often have multiple names (e.g., a brand name, a generic name, a manufacturerís number). Try searching just on a disease site or keyword. Leave out the drug name.
  • Try searching on Any Site as a Disease Site. This will identify trials with broader entry criteria.

For More Information:

To make an appointment for a consultation, please call the New Patient Referral Office at 410-328-7904 or 1-800-888-8823.

For questions about a specific trial, please call the Contact person listed for that trial.

For help using this web site to find clinical trials, please call the Clinical Research Supervisor at 410-328-1160.